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Try out new shopping experiences thanks to augmented reality technology

This holiday event was made after the partnership between this company and an agency based in Dublin.

Virtual platforms when going shopping for jewelries

The platform designed for IOS operating system named Shop 4 Rings is an ideal option for customers to try on a lot of different jewelries without the need for visiting stores directly. This app makes use of augmented reality technology to deliver the innovative experience. More precisely, customers are able to test a lot of different styles and sizes via this virtual store. Thanks to augmented reality technology, customers now have a chance to try out a customized shopping experience directly at home.

When it comes to purposes, this app is created to enable users to test different jewelry products before they decide to make a purchase. Also, they can make use of the app without having to spend money. This app takes advantage of your smartphone’s camera in order to scan your hand and then place different rings to the photograph for you to see whether the ring is suitable for you or not. What is more, this app can put rings on different fingers as well. Last but not least, the app comes with specific features for you to either zoom in or zoom out and fix the ring sizes for your own hand.

Augmented reality events taking place at store

The Tesco Mobile company from Ireland held events powered by augmented reality technology to bring about a new experience for customers. Thanks to augmented reality technology, Tesco Mobile was able to involve their customers in entertaining events while having a chance to introduce this wonderful technology to customers.

First and foremost, this new platform with the adoption of augmented reality technology was easy to access by customers from their own smart devices such as phones or tablets. From there, they will have an opportunity to view the penguins skating, dancing as well as playing soccer. In this campaign, the company utilized a family of lovely penguins to bring about the wonderful experience.

Mobile stores with augmented reality technology

This innovative platform uses both Augmented reality and Virtual reality technology to increase the online shopping experience. This virtual platform will provide any user with a chance to develop their own shop and become a real merchant because they are able to bring their own shops to others.

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