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Ways to customize an Android smart phone

In order to create a folder of app icons, you just need to drag one on top of another, choose the folder and its name in order to give it another title.

Set up a new launcher

Launcher apps will be responsible for your phone’s home screen, app drawer, app icons and so on. They provide Android with a complete visual revamp and lead to a host of new customization abilities for users to enjoy.

As you have one or more launchers installed, you can change between them through Apps and Notifications and then Home app in Settings.

There are some outstanding third-party launchers available on Android devices, which can transform the design of the software. There are features offered for free while other options are available through in-app purchases. Some examples include Nova Launcher, Evie Launcher and so on.

Make use of a different icon pack

Another personalization offered by launchers is using icon packs. If you give such packs as Viral and Delta a check on the Google Play store, they will list for the launchers that they can work with so that you can find different choices that suit the launcher you want.

Icon packs can change all the icons on your home screen for Gmail, Twitter and others in order to match one specific style, and they often have a relevant wallpaper. If you take a look at different options, you can realize that they are able to change the look of Android a lot.

Reorganize your home screens

No matter whether you have installed a launcher or not, Android enables you to do a lot of interesting things regard getting app icons, web shortcuts as well as widgets organized on your home screens. All you need to do is just tapping, holding and dragging on any icon in order to move it around.

In addition, you can also keep shortcuts on the left side of the screen, for instance, or near the bottom according to your own preferences. Doing this becomes simpler if you are making use of a phone with a large display.

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