Useful and interesting navigation apps

As you know, talking on the phone while driving has led to a number of accidents taken place every year. Thus, the app not only serves as an entertaining tool but also provides drivers with more safety.

Navigation platforms based on preferences

Nowadays, there are a number of different navigation platforms which are mainly designed for helping find the quickest route to a specific destination. However, this innovative walking platform will focus on your preferences while you are on the way. The app is dubbed Sidekix, which is designed for people who want to explore new destinations in their city just by going for a walk.

More precisely, this platform will customize your own route by depending on such preferences as food, fashion or beverages. As a result, you will be provided with different routes each time you use it for going out so you can find out many new experiences that you have not seen before. Especially, you can also put something you like on the way in order to make your own route.

Navigation platforms based on attractions

This app is called Kompl, which will support you to discover the city you live by motivating you to get lost and avoid going on the right and quickest route. As a result, this app would be an ideal option for travelers or walkers who want to look for something new and interesting to experiment.

In spite of the fact this app is not the first one motivating users to follow the strange route, Kompl concentrates more on urban areas as well as other popular fascinating destinations instead of just beautiful views along the park. This platform will direct users to different sights without letting them know that they are directed to there. This will offer a more exploratory experience for users.

Navigation platforms focusing on music

Spotify and Waze have collaborated together in order to provide users with a more unique experience when it comes to listening to music and navigation. These two applications can now be combined into one. More precisely, Spotify are now able to direct you to the destination you want with the right route while Waze will offer you the ability to listen to music from the music application. As a result, drivers do not need to change between the two apps, which is considered to be really dangerous and even illegal while driving.


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