The best customer feedback tools today

Revoo will email customers who have bought something from you automatically and then invite them to fill in a review with questions about the purchase process or the service.

User Report: widgets for both surveys and customer feedback

Just knowing who your users are is not adequate for your business. Moreover, you need to find out what they are interested to provide them the most proper products and services. Currently being taken advantage by such companies as Toyota and Trip Advisor, this tool can be implemented as an integrated part of a website or platform and works basing on the two simple widget, which are survey and feedback widget.

The former is an ideal feature because it offers you a Net Promoter Score by which you can get a view of how much users prefer your services. On the flip side, feedback widgets support you to gather ideas in order to fix bugs, which makes it less difficult to prioritize features according to the popularity.

Sprinklr: the community customer feedback tool

Sprinklr enables you to build an online customer community, which is rather useful to provide friendly ways to engage your visitors as well as to get quicker answers to your questions, offer customer feedback or collect information for the decision making process.

Among different features offered by Sprinklr, the capability to deflect customer support situations while assisting them to receive faster answers to questions makes it easier to support clients with their purchase decisions.

There are also other embedded gamification features which could recognize and reward experts when also encouraging all the members in the community to join the conversatiosn more often.

Revoo: a review tool for client feedback

If you would like to enable your website visitors to know what your clients think about your products or services, Revoo is the right tool for you. It is able to gather reviews that can only be from those who have already made a purchase or tried your software.

It is among the best customer feedback tools for transparency and avoiding fake reviews.

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