Technological services for entertainment purposes

In a nutshell, Your TV is born to adapt to the rising popularity of streaming as well as social network by combining both of them to offer a new way for users to experience.

TV streaming services that you can afford

TV streaming services are actually coming to our real life due to the appearance of this Philo TV streaming service. In spite of the fact that Philo comes with the same technology compared to Sling TV or YouTube, it is a lot different from others because of what it will offer you. Rather than being a replacement for a full cable subscription, the Philo TV only provides customers with a smaller set of channels so that they only need to pay a lower cost on a monthly basis.

Apart from the ability to live and interest-based content, this TV will also provide you with free cloud DVR, which used to be a paid service offered by other vendors. You also do not need to spend on any extra material, which is very costly. Currently, the streaming service is available to use on web browser and mobile devices.

Online video apps

It is not easy to find out the content to watch on YouTube which matches your interest, thus this platform named Your TV will operate to offer you a more ideal solution that you can enjoy videos suggested specifically for you by other users or your friends.

More precisely, the platform will allow you to suggest different contents for another that they suppose he or she would be interested in. This is so ideal that users will no longer have to switch different channels again and again until they run into their favorite channels.

Music services without charge

Streaming has been playing an important role in entertaining purposes, according to man people. In terms of having approach to favorite content, streaming has helped a lot by increasing customer lifestyle and experience with lots of benefits. As a result, such inventions as this Mix Shake free music streaming service are getting more and more popular.

This platform operates by taking advantage of the Internet radio in order to provide users with a chance to access their favorite playlists covered with a lot of tunes and songs. Users are now able to personalize the playlist when they listen for re-listening later without having to seek for those songs again.

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