Technological means to help you improve your skin status

What is more, this app also comes with a feature named Beaute Circle in which users can exchange their requests with different cosmetic brands in order to seek for the most appropriate products for their own skin status.

Testing your skin directly with smart phones

It is clear to know that taking care of your skin now will bring about positive results in the future. Thus, this innovative skin analyzer named Epi was devised with that rule in mind. This analyzer is compatible with both IOS and Android operating system, whose major aim is to evaluate skin status and moisture levels.

There is also an accompanying platform which will enable users to take control over their skin health several times. Thanks to this method, users are able to fix their skincare routines suitably and check again to see how effective the routine is.

Last but not least, the compact design of this analyzer means that you can carry it along with you whenever you want without having to find a location to charge because there is no battery there.

Apps that help analyze your skin

In spite of the fact that many cosmetics stores have already helped customers test their skin, this Memoret lens and an accompanying application called Hada are created to support women test their skin directly at home.

In terms of operation, this method will work by being placed on the lens of your smart phone. When your skin has already been clean and dry, you can capture a photo of your face with the lens. From there, the app will deliver your photo to a server to make analysis of the skin. Finally, all details about your skin such as wrinkles and tones can then be sent back to help you choose the right skin care routine for yourself as well as a suitable makeup.

Apps to analyze your skin

Beautecam is a platform devised by a company from Japan to be a smarter skin analysis compared to other current apps. First and foremost, this app can be downloaded without any charge. Secondly, the app works in conjunction with 30x lens and you have to purchase it. However, thanks to this lens, you will have a chance to capture a very close look at your skin so that the analysis for pores, moisture and so on will be more accurate.

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