Software review: EaseUS Rec Experts

If you are making webinars or want to capture videos on your computer, EaseUS RecExperts is among the best screen recorders you can find on the existing market. This functional software allows users to take a particular part of their screen, easily overlay video from a webcam or record audio on top of the videos. The software provides support for 4K recording and has a lot of useful features to make your videos more effective and attractive.

  1. Plans and Pricing

EaseUS RecExperts comes with the cost of nearly 12 US dollars a month, 24 US dollars or 70 US dollars for entire life. This pricing is only provided with a single license for one computer. You can also give the software a try for free. The trial software will restrict you to just recordings up to two minutes and add a watermark to your final results.

  1. Features

RecExperts is offered with different features to make it more convenient for users to create high-quality screen recordings. To get started, you can record videos of up to 4K resolution. This may not be a necessity for a webinar, yet it is a big plus for gamers who would like to share session recordings to other players. Rec Experts also allows you to change the frame rate when it records game, up to 60 frames every second.

Moreover, RecExperts also captures more than just your screen only. You can take advantage of the software in order to capture audio from your device’s integrated microphone or from any microphone you are using to connect to your system. It will also record system sounds, which is another advantage added.

If you would like to record a video on your own, RecExperts does help. The software will then take video from your web cam and overlay it on top of your video. The settings let you opt which corner of your screen will be overlaid on, the resolution of the webcam recording as well as whether it turns up as with a circle or square frame, which is really ideal.

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