Shopping online in a more modern way

Customers will no longer have to visit the store directly, which is very time-consuming, to have a look at what they are going to pick.

Beauty applications powered by augmented reality technology

The innovative Beauty Mirror platform from Laneige was devised after the collaboration with the digital beauty tool company named Modiface. This app is upgraded with the augmented reality technology to enable users to check different products offered by this famous beauty brand from Korea.

In terms of function, users using this Beauty Mirror application will have a chance to try out numerous offerings before they decide to make a purchase or not. In addition, they can also enjoy 3D video clips displaying their faces with various angles so that they can have a more apparent view.


Shopping at homes with augmented reality apps

Triple is the name of a technological home shopping app using augmented reality technology to assist merchants in developing and renewing the shopping experience for customers.

First and foremost, customers will be able to scroll up and down a catalog of different products and take advantage of augmented reality to see how the product is suitable for their home decoration or color tones. What is more, thanks to the app, the smart device can display each item in the space for users to check. They are also capable of adjusting the color of that product as well as making purchase directly via the app if desired.

Knowing whether a product would look well in a home space or not is one of the challenges when it comes to shopping for furniture. Instead of having to imagine, this convenient shopping platform is a wonderful method to increase sales as well as providing convenience for customers.

Going shopping online with augmented reality technology

Currently, both photos and videos or 360-degree product renderings are taken advantage to display different products which you can make purchases directly via the web, yet the company named Aryzon is going to revolutionize the online shopping concept with the integration of augmented reality technology.

Thanks to the technology, customers are able to visualize a product in a real way with a 360-degree detail. According to the company, this innovative experience also offers totally new information about the products for the users to check both quality and size of anything they are interested in.

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