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Review Survey Monkey tool

Survey Monkey is among the most famous online survey tools. The platform is really easy to use, with a lot of provided templates and many features which will make your survey design task faster. The major disadvantage is that its structure of pricing is rather expensive and requires you to go with an annual plan.

Plans and pricing

Survey Monkey is a popular option due to the fact that it has a free basic plan. With this plan, you are able to create an unrestricted number of surveys and each of which should have less than 10 questions. You can only have 100 responses for every survey, while you still receive access to most ideal data analysis features from Survey Monkey.

Pricing for paid personal plans is specifically made to ask you to go for a one-year subscription. The Standard tier is the only option which provides a monthly basis while it costs even nearly 100 US dollars a month. At an annual rate, the same plan comes with the price of 372 US dollars a year. The Advantage plan, having file uploads and question randomization, only costs 12 US dollars a year. The Premier plan, costing nearly 1900 US dollars a year, provides you with more control over your survey branching and enables you to add more answer choices personalized for your respondents.

Business plans need at least 3 users and should be paid one year in advance. The Team Advantage plan, costing 25 US dollars a month, enables you to integrate payments into your surveys as well as offers many tools for multi-user editing of surveys. The Team Premier plan, costing 75 US dollars a month a user, is rather identical to the Premier option but coming with the multi-user editing features. What is more, Survey Monkey also provides an Enterprise plan including a user management dashboard, Salesforce integration as well as audit logs. There is a need of contacting the company to receive pricing options for such plan. In conclusion, Survey Monkey has a lot for you but you should expect to pay a little high cost.

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