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Review Private Mail platform

Gmail as well as other email clients are really popular but users prioritizing security may aim to find a more private choice. In spite of the fact that it is less likely for an individual Google employee to read your individual emails, data from Gmail or any other apps used by Google sometimes can be accessed by third parties. With such security in mind, more and more users are looking for more private ways in order to send and get secure emails. In the following review about Privatemail, you can take a look at how the platform provides security and overall value so that you can decide whether to choose this email client.

The standard package comes with five aliases, 10 Gigabytes of each mail and cloud storage as well as other useful features. If you move to Pro, you will receive access to 20 aliases and 20 Gigabytes of storage for both email and cloud files. However, the platform does not provide any free trial for customers. Thus, you will need to commit before giving it a test.

Both Business Pro and Business Group Share cost nearly 65 US dollars a month. Business subscribers will receive a lot of extra advantages, such as 100 Gigabytes of storage for cloud documents and emails, along with a custom domain and logo. People can collaborate together and share information throughout accounts in the company.

Private email stands out from the crowd by providing cloud storage services. Users will receive 10 Gigabytes of storage for the Standard tier, 20 Gigabytes for Pro and 100 Gigabytes for Business subscriptions. Users can also add more events to the Privateamil calendar or link the platform to your smart device’s calendar application. In addition, Privatemail not only makes it easier for users to sync files throughout devices but also offers an ideal desktop sync app automatically updating local folders with any changes carried out for files in cloud storage. This software is an easy solution to secure your data and make it accessible from all your devices. The only downside here is that its interface is not professional like its features.

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