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The iPhone XR is now not the main affordable choice in the smartphone lineup from Apple, yet that is not to claim that the handset has belonged to the past.

In spite of the fact that the new iPhone SE may now be considered to be the company’s affordable choice, the iPhone XR is still popular, with a more modern full-screen look in comparison with the SE. Because there has been the iPhone 12 series now, such as the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro, it is not the latest Apple device. However, it is still a major part of the company’s device products.

The iPhone XR is better than the iPhone SE regarding the design because it still remains the all-screen display and Face ID notch while the newer SE moves to the conventional iPhone style of chunky bezels above and below the display, along with a home key and Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

Thus, if you are finding the newest Apple technology and design language in such an affordable package, you should choose to go with the iPhone XR.

If you prefer the iPhone XR or are tempted to purchase one, you are not going to be left behind because the phone got the newest iOS 13 update, meaning it operates the same software as the iPhone 11 range and the new SE.

The newest operating system update from Apple also brings about a lot of new features to the iPhone XR, like the Dark Mode along with a lot of app whose speed increases, enabling users to receive the best out of their iPhone experience.

In comparison with the iPhone XS, the iPhone XR was a downgrade in different ways to have a lower price point.

There are a lot of key features kept the same, such as an update to iOS 13 meaning both phones have the same operating system. Also, it is backed up by the strong A12 Bionic chipset inside. The notch contains all the same front cameras and sensors found on the iPhone XS while the dual speakers are remained the same as well.

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