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The Apple Home Pod is not just an ideal device but also a solid smart speaker device, yet it represents the changing focus towards the technology big name within the past decade, from the age of the iconic iPad to the newest and the largest iPhone models.

In spite of the fact that the Apple Home Pod is now succeeded by the Apple Home Pod mini, there is no signal proving that this original smart speaker will be got rid in the upcoming time.

In a wide variety of ways, the Home Pod entered the market of speakers a little bit late. However, Apple never has to be worried too much about that problem. In spite of the fact that it comes with a higher price, Apple will never disappoint you with its most stylish designs and the most reliable technology.

That is the same as the Home Pod while it is not as same as the previous devices. It is undeniable that the sound quality of the Appleā€™s speaker is always on top, but in the market in which both Google and Amazon release many smart speaker or voice assistant systems, the competition gets more and more competitive.

The Apple Home Pod is in the way you will use it like other Apple products. Similar to the AirPods, you just need to simply hold your phone near the unit and the handset will deliver your Apple ID and Apple Music gouts, fill in all the Wi-Fi passwords that you can remember but there is no need to type in.

The installation process was only delayed when you need to upgrade to a later version of iOS on your iPhone, which is a demand to make the speaker operate.

When it comes to the Home Pod, there is a need to have an iPhone or iPad to set it up for the first time. It is rare to see those buying this speaker without owning one of Apple products, yet it should be noted as well in order to narrow down your choice at the first process of shopping.

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