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Products powered by voice to become more convenient

It is supposed that the Amazon Dash Wand is similar to any item in your kitchen coming with a magnetic so that you can stick them onto the fridge. Finally, the most highlighted function of this invention is that you can bring it to anywhere you want.

Fashion magazines powered by audio

An online publication based in Scotland has recently revolutionized the fashion industry with its newly released fashion magazines, which is the first kind of magazine integrated with Amazon Alexa.

Alexa from Amazon has become a very beneficial assistant when it comes to such tasks as ordering products online to calling Uber as well as monitoring different smart home appliances. And now this technology is able to read daily fashion news written on the Fashion Fix Daily for customers after the launch of this first fashion magazine thanks to voice technology.

Fashion Fix Daily is a page in which a wide variety of fashion news and updates are posted on a daily basis and now audio is a big leap when it comes to publication. According to Fashion Fix Daily, they are looking forward to adopting new methods in order to interact more with the readers so that Amazon Alexa is a definite choice for them.

Fashion Fix Daily publishes every article depending on fashion bloggers and influencers in the United Kingdom in order to provide readers with all what they need from fashion news to suggestions on different topics. Everything is now ready for the innovative Amazon Echo.

Within the near future, Fashion Fix Daily will edit and write content for their technological devices powered by voice so as to blow a new wind for reading experience. Customers will have a chance to look for Fashion Fix Daily in the Echo or Alexa application and then click to listen without having to spend money.

Kitchen appliances that can recommend different recipes

The Amazon Dash Wand has recently been updated to transform the process of ordering groceries online into a more convenient one. This wand acts as a barcode scanner which will place more items to your Amazon order queue. More precisely, you are able to communicate with the Dash Wand in order to add what you need into your online shopping cart easily and quickly. Moreover, this Dash Wand from Amazon can also work in conjunction with Alexa.

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