Platforms that are specifically designed for finance purposes

In a nutshell, this Squeeze budget app will allow users to control their finances more efficiently through collecting data which is aimed to help make more money available for other use cases.

Financial platforms that help find deals

It is undeniable that there are a lot of apps specifically designed for budget on the current market, yet this new one named Squeeze is going to provide users with a different solution to take control over their financial status. More precisely, it is devised to be able to make analysis of what you have spent money on and then offer you the comparison made for bills such as phone, TV cable or Internet for you to see the difference between months. What is more, users can also check if another company comes with a more effective deal or if there is another better option with the current vendor.

Quick social platforms for payment

This platform named Cookies will provide German residents with an effective solution to deliver money to each other effortlessly. Despite the fact that there are numerous payment apps such as Facebook Messenger payments, these platforms are not available to use in some countries. Due to this reason, a German business has decided to bring that effective solution for European countries.

The app is considered to be quick, simple and safe to use, which will allow users to send money to their friends via instant messaging. Because this app can be utilized without any charge so people would find this an ideal alternative to ATM or banks. Apart from making transactions, users can also take advantage of the app to check balances or even make group payments. Last but not least, Cookies is compatible with all banks

Payment apps on smart phones

The latest payment app from Google named Android Pay has been released for being used among numerous stores in the United States. It is being utilized at clothing shops, restaurants and is expected to play an important role in more retailers as well as banks.

This Android Pay takes advantage of the Near-Field Communication to make the experience easier. The app can be utilized with many credit cards and almost all banks. When it comes to security, Google has devised a virtual account number in order to put more security and safety aspects to the use accounts.

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