How life is being revolutionized with technology

There is also a reminder screen on which caregiver can update information for the user such as near appointments or photos of the user’s families or beloved relatives and so on.

Security cameras coming with facial recognition

This robotic HD smart camera named Horizon has recently been introduced to the public as an innovative device for home owners to keep their living spaces secure than what they were able to do in the past.

Coming with the artificial intelligence technology, this camera is able to detect people through utilizing facial recognition capabilities and the result is claimed to be accurate up to 99 percent. In other words, this camera has the ability to realize an unauthorized person effectively to make sure that you always know what is taking place around your home.

This camera was born from the understanding that more and more people are seeking for solutions which are both economical and efficient in order to keep their families safe.

Social media ID systems

The government in China has recently introduced to the public its first WeChat identity cards. In other words, this social media app will be recognized to be an official ID system.

With this application, people will be able to confirm the identity using facial recognition technology as well as making it authorized thanks to artificial intelligence technology. After being released, this platform will help all the citizens with a WeChat account take advantage of their accounts rather than bringing the identity cards all the time. These ID cards will also be utilized similarly to check in at hotels or use for governmental services.

Apps specifically designed for those suffering from Alzheimer

This app called Timeless is a high tech invention for patients with Alzheimer. The inventor of this application was also suffering from this disease so she developed the app based on her personal experiences. She wants to bring something for others who have to experience what she used to. Only by scrolling posted pictures which were uploaded by either the user or their friends, the user will be able to know who they are communicating with as well as what the relation to them is. In case the user is not able to detect that person, they can capture a photo and then take advantage of facial recognition technology to make an effort to identify them.

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