High tech methods to purify the air inside your home

People living in cities are suffering from air pollution on a daily basis, which can affect their health negatively. Thus, this home air purifier named NUYN is devised to become an ideal solution for home cleaning.

Air purifier enabled by voice

In a virtual manner, a lot of home appliances have been upgraded to come with many different functions by integrating Amazon Alexa voice assistant and this air cleaning system called Germ Guardian is no exception. First and foremost, this system is a 4in1 air cleaning device which can help users reduce germs around the air, relieve allergy, eliminate odors as well as taking control over the air quality. In other words, you are able to gain the cleaning intensity conveniently and quickly according to your own needs and demands if you think that the air in your living space is not as fresh as you want it to.

What is more, this new system also supports Amazon Alexa voice control so that users will have the ability to interact with the unit so that they can receive information about the air quality as well as adjusting the settings.

Air purifiers that can charge your phone

A lot of people have spent most of their time staying at home after hard working days outside, thus, this air purifier named Zunion is going to support users to make sure that the air in their home is always fresh and clean to breathe. There are two stages for cleaning modes, this air purifier operates in conjunction with a HEPA Filtration system so as to remove all the allergens in your home. What is more, the system also has a releaser used to release bad ions into the air so that everything will be kept cleaner in a convenient way.

Last but not least, this air purifier is capable of charging your phone through its USB port by putting your device on the top and charging it in a wireless way.

Purifier that can capture smog

This connected air purifier operates to be a standing unit to purify the air within your living space effectively. It can also be taken advantage for the windows to filter the air when it enters your home. By this innovative way, your living space is prevented from all the pollution and smog outside.


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