Every task at airports will be made easier with these technologies

As you may have known, facial recognition technology is being taken advantage to witness how the boarding step can be turned into a lot quick one as well as how the airport safety can be increased more and more. And the test has shown out a really effective result.

Systems placed at airports for self-boarding

The airline JetBlue has collaborated with the CBP and SITA in order to make a test for its new boarding system which would be powered by facial recognition technology. Thanks to the new system applied to the airport, passengers will be provided with a chance to try out the innovative program while there is no need for signing up an account before. In order to turn this system into a relatively new experience, the airline requires their clients to capture a picture of themselves via the camera and the system will check whether the photo is matched to the passport photo of customers or not depending on data gathered by CBP.

Airport systems with facial recognition technology

This airline is making use of facial recognition technology in order to make every boarding process become faster. There has already been a test at an airport in Amsterdam for passengers to have a try this futuristic travel system.

With this system, passengers will be asked to sign up in advance in order to scan their boarding passes, their faces as well as passports. After all, the system of boarding will be really effective when it comes to removing the need for showing their boarding passes at security checkpoints, which is rather time-consuming. Instead, they can go directly to the security screens.

Baggage checking counters with the adoption of facial recognition technology

The airport Delta is expecting to revolutionize the airport business with their new baggage check integrated with facial recognition technology. The airline from America is going to release its bag drop machines by which travelers can serve themselves by confirming their identities via utilizing the facial recognition software.

The system is expected to be quicker than a human help while providing customers with a more convenient and easier service. As soon as dropping bags onto the check, customers will utilize their passport photo as well as their own face in order to confirm their identities to the machines until the process is finished within a few seconds.

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