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Effective technology to deal with criminals

According to the organization, everything uploaded on a computer can be looked for. Face Search has the ability to scan via numerous pictures and send the result in case a possible person is identified, which is really ideal for policemen.

Hybrid cars of high power for policemen

The big brand of vehicle Ford has recently introduced to the public its new Hybrid Sedan designed for special services. This new sedan is claimed to be the newest car from this brand which is aimed to offer policemen a more effective transportation to move around. First and foremost, the car is integrated with a 7.6kWh ion battery which will come with up to 21 miles as well as a maximum speed of up to 85mph together with a battery package. The time length needed for every single charge will be approximately 2.5 hours. Also, the vehicle is also applied with an engine of four cylinders in order to be able to run up to 500 miles.

There has been a demand on more ideal solutions in terms of vehicles utilized for policemen. Ford has understood the case and is expecting that the car will revolutionize the market.

Detective systems integrated with artificial intelligence technology

As people may have learnt, artificial intelligence technology is being taken advantage to rock a lot of different fields such as businesses to education and now it’s time for the criminal intelligence analysis to come into the play.

A system which is able to deal with human reasoning and analytic discourse as well as automatic human knowledge extraction has already been used. Apart from helping and supporting policemen by recommending them with some overlooked hints in a case, the artificial intelligence algorithm is also ideal when it comes to predicting crime. In a nutshell, this police system will assist analysts in navigating data more effectively when it comes to crimes.

Facial recognition is going to prevent crimes

The organization named Marinus Analytics has already introduced to the public its totally new facial recognition technology which will help find out missing people.

This new technology is named as Face Search, which will provide policemen with a chance to match a face of a kid to advertisements on the Internet. The program will later take advantage of machine learning as well as artificial intelligence in order to use big data and define different patterns.

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