Assistant platforms to improve the life

What is more, users are able to sync the app with their bank accounts in order to check for balances, the money spent and many more.

Apps for users to keep track of their money

Having to estimate the money you have spent on tons of things during a month could be so difficult so it is a good ideal to install such platforms as this Clerkie, which is a money assistant platform aimed to make everything related to money and finance issues easier to deal with.

In terms of operation, Clerkie will provide users with different means for track their budgets as well as offering them suggestions customized to their spending habits. What is more, users can also take advantage of Clerkie in order to pay for bills directly from this platform and to know when you are charged for an extra fee or have spent more than the budget you set before.

Last but not least, this personal assistant money platform also comes with a chat ability by which users can ask questions and receive answers immediately and clearly instead of using other services which are not providing enough care.

Personal assistant app for dating purposes

Hinge used to be a similar app compared to Tinder, which was used to help seek for friends. Recently, the app has been released with a new version that lets users seek for more serious relationships rather than just running into someone and making friends. Everything will be done easily and naturally.

This new concept is called Audrey, which is similar to a personal assistant which will send messages about possible dates for users. It will choose the people that the user may be keen on, contacts them and then arranges a date if both sides accept. What is more, the app comes with information needed for users to find the most suitable partner.

Apps that help organize monetary

The money tracker platform named Dash Flow will help people take control over their financial status, budget and bills more conveniently than ever. This platform is able to save all what you need such as your existing budget, your loan, savings as well as investments within only one platform. Also, users are able to set up their own financial targets to check how they are carrying out to achieve those targets effectively without the need for downloading different apps simultaneously.


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